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Catholic Cemeteries of St. Louis Grave Search


1860 Census Slave (Masters) Schedules Ancestry.com
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Colonial and Territorial Census List
Missouri St. Louis 1930 E.D. Street Index
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LDS Early Church Information File Resource Guide

Court Records

Missouri Supreme Court Database 1780-1871
St. Louis Circuit Court Historical Records Project


Draper Manuscripts at Bowling Green State Univ
Draper Manuscripts at Family History Library
Draper Manuscripts at Ohio Univ Libraries
Draper Manuscripts at RootsWeb
Draper Manuscripts at Truman State Univ
Draper Manuscripts at UMI ProQuest
Draper Manuscripts at Wisconsin Hist Soc
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Missouri Land Records


AniMap Missouri County Formation Maps
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St. Joseph Missouri Name List 1846-1849

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World War I 1914-1918

Missouri Service Cards Database
Missouri Soldiers - War of 1812 to World War I

Missouri Soldiers - War of 1812 to World War I


Freedman's Bank Records 1865-1874
Missouri African American Portraits

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Online Searchable Naturalization Indexes
St. Louis Naturalization Index 1816-1906


St. Louis Obituary Index 1880-2004


St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Employees 1940-

Probate Records

St. Louis Probate Court Database 1802-1900

Slavery and Bondage

Freedman's Bank Records 1865-1874
Slave Compensation Claims for Military Service of USCT
St. Louis Circuit Court Slavery Freedom Suits


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