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1929 Roll of Honor Veteran Burials Database
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Colonial and Territorial Census List
Illinois Cook Chicago 1930 census map & boundaries
Illinois Cook Co. 1870 census map & boundaries
Illinois Cook Co. 1880 census map & boundaries
Illinois Cook Co. 1900 census map & boundaries
Illinois Cook Co. 1910 census map & boundaries
Illinois Cook Co. 1920 census map & boundaries
Images of Surviving 1890 Population Schedules
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Early Latter-day Saints
LDS Early Church Information File Resource Guide
Lutheran Churches of Chicago Genealogical Guide
Membership of the LDS Church 1830-1848 Resource Guide

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Draper Manuscripts at Bowling Green State Univ
Draper Manuscripts at Family History Library
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Lyman C. Draper Documents Home Page

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Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Chicagoland

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Early Latter-day Saints Nauvoo Land
Public Domain Land Tract Sales Database


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Federal Township Plats of Illinois 1804-1890
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World War I 1914-1918

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1929 Roll of Honor Veteran Burials Database
Black Hawk War Veterans Database 1831-1832
Civil War Veterans of Missouri (Federal) Units Database
Civil War Veterans Serving in the U.S. Navy Database
Mexican War Veterans Database 1846-1848
Soldiers and Sailors Home Residents
Spanish-American War Veterans Database 1898
War of 1812 Bounty Land Grants
War of 1812 Veterans Database

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Chicago Tribune Death Notices 1860-1984

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Illinois Emancipation and Servitude Records Database


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IL Cook County Fact Sheet
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