Genealogy Search Engines

Genealogy Super Serach (GenSource) Site Search
GenSource I Found It Genealogy Web Directory
Google - Search Help for Genealogists
Internet Family Finder (
Internet Sleuth Genealogy Search Engine Directory
JewishGen Site Search
MultiGen - Search Multiple Genealogy Databases Metasearch
Surname Navigator Mega Genealogy Search
Webified Genealogy
WorldCat Focus on Genealogy [OCLC]
Yahoo! Genealogy Search - Site Search
Cyndi s List - Search It!
Cyndi s List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
Family Tree Magazine s Genealogy SuperSearch
Family Tree Searcher
FamilySearch Internet - Search All Resources
GenCircles Ancestor Search
Genealogy Buff Search Engine
Genealogy Databases Search Engines  -  (Archive in the WayBack Machine)
Genealogy Search Engines (part of Cyndi s List)

Top Search Engines and Directories - Genealogy and Family History Internet Portals and Browsers